Free parking. No general admission Ticket or band required to enter any attraction



Water Park Value Pass

Includes all day Junglegolf
$ 22
5 years & up
  • Toddler to 4 years | $6.00

Extra Value Water Park Pass

Includes all day Junglegolf
$ 25
5 years & up
  • 1(2 trip zipline) ticket

Super Value Park Pass

Includes all day Junglegolf
$ 30
5 years & up
  • 1(2 trip Zipline) ride
  • And Grand Prix or 2 seat Go-Kart ticket
All Park rules, height,weight, and age restrictions apply to packages Swim Diapers required for under 4 yrs.

After 3pm. $7.00 off any Park Pass package

Laser Tag - Coming Soon
1 Game $5
2 Games $9
3 Games $12
Soaring Eagle Zipline Ride
(42"-47" must be accompanied by adult)
$5.00 with water park band
$6.00 without water park band
Add $1. for 2 trip ride
Jungle Golf All Day - $7.25
Grand Prix Karts - $6.75 (Driver 54")
2 Seater Kart - $7.75 With (Passenger under 54")
Formula One - $7.75 (16 years and up)

Birthday Parties

Birthday Package For 10

$ 210
  • $18 For Each Additional
  • Water Park Admission
  • All Day Jungle Golf
  • Canopy
  • Paper Products
  • Basic Decorations

Food Options: (Per Item Price)

Hamburger $4 | Cheeseburger $4.50 | Hotdog $2.50 | Fries $2.25

Drink Options:

5 Gallon Jug of Lemonade $6 | 2 Liter of Soda $3/each (Options Vary)

Some Basic Rules

For the Water park:

  • Swimwear required for water park. Nothing with any exposed metal or plastic. NO METAL RIVETS/METAL RINGS IN SHORTS OR SWIM WEAR ALLOWED AT ALL – THEY CAN BE REMOVED BY THE STAFF IF NEEDED. Metal rivets are damaging to the fiberglass slides and will not be allowed down any slide at all. Plastic or embroidered rivets are acceptable.
  • Jewelry not recommended. 
  • Eyewear and hats must have straps
  • Waterslide area is a gated area.
  • Alcohol, glass not allowed
  • Under 42″ tall only allowed in Kiddie Pool or on large slides with adult (at least 16 years old)
  • Small children MUST be supervised by adult (we employ lifeguards, not babysitters).


Less than 12 sliders
Some slides may close early.


No bags are allowed in water park area at all. Bags must be left in vehicles or the locker room.

Inclement Weather Policy

NYS Law requires closing water attractions for 30 minutes following lightening in the area. (When the 30 minutes are up and still see lightening another 30 minutes will start). Park Managers will be monitoring the radars.


  • Refunds will only be given out if we close
  • Refunds will only be given out before 3pm
  • You will need your receipt from that day in order to get the refund



(Call if you have weather questions)
Call (315) 598-8016