The Waterpark
At Thunder Island

Our Attractions

Black Water Tunnel Twisters

One for the adrenaline, one for the relaxation
The newest slides to the park are these two enclosed body flumes. Adventure Blackwater Sliding is what Pro-slide Technology calls the most popular body flumes to date. Two years on the drawing board engineering, designing and redesigning and we bring you the best of all. One is 32' of drop in total darkness combined with speed, rapid twists and turns and thinking first "when does it end?" then "WOW, that was fast". Or the longest 380' long starting from high on top of the tallest tower and drops you an amazing 60' in a long and enjoyable slide with the safe feeling of being up high and enclosed but seeing as you go thru the translucent gel coated fiberglass. These two slides have no age or height restrictions and if you're a non swimmer do not empty into a pool. They also are the smoothest surface and will not require a tube or mat.

Thunder Rush Extreme Body Slide

Enter the fastest water attraction if you dare.
Every minute more than 1000 gallons of water rush down 87' of tube into a probowl, called THE THUNDER RUSH. This exciting ride starts with a climb to the top of our 42' tower. You then enter the darkness of an enclosed tube that drops quickly at speeds of up to 40mph for fast sliders and shoots you out into a bowl, forcing your body to rim around and around till you uncontrollably fall into an 8' pool. This ride is not for the faint of heart and for good swimmers only. "It took my breath away" is a common statement by first time riders. One of the quickest built by Pro slide Technology this ride requires crossed legs, hands clasped behind your head at all times and elbows pointed forward. The record is rimming the bowl 7 times. Can you beat it?

Two Body Twisters

Start your body sliding experience with these for the novice.
Made for entry level sliders, these two mild body twisters can be ridden with or without a mat. Under 42" in height can ride with an adult. These enjoyable open slides will allow you to experiment with riding positions that will alter your speed. Race your friends as you hone your sliding technique. Emptying into a 36" deep pool with just enough splash. Not a good swimmer? no worries. Just stand up!!. And there's always a guard to help you if you get a little water up your nose.

Tube Slide

Experience the Surge river ride alone or with a friend.
The Surge tube river ride is just fun! Starting in the back of the water park hill you can choose a single tube and go it alone, ride double with mom or dad or your best friend. You can also hook two tubes together for a tube train for more fun. Made for any age or height everyone likes this tube slide. The river twists and turns and takes you to the center bottom of the water park into 54" of water. No worries for your toddlers as the certified lifeguard always keeps a watchful eye for everyone.

Two Kiddie Slides

Specially built for your tiny tot
Introduce future daredevils to water sliding in these made for little kids slides that will seem big to them, but as parents you'll be comforted as they never leave your sight as they slowly slide towards you into our 18" deep kiddie pool. Whether you choose the mini twister twisting and turning towards the bottom, or glide straight down with mom, dad, big sister or best friend next to you these two slides are sure to please.

Kiddie Mini River

Float alongside or give your kids their first tube ride.
Yes, for those who visited us in the 90's, this used to be the bumper boat pool. What will someday be part of a bigger water attraction we've traded big tubes with motors for kids and adult floating tubes. Made for Slow and low key this 36" deep circular pool with a little spray thrown in you can float alongside your friends or put your toddlers on their first tube and walk alongside them as they feel "big". Limited number of tubes allowed at one time means never overcrowding and a lifeguard always nearby means were very safety conscious.