Soaring Eagle
Zip line 106' Above The Park

One of the most unique attractions in the state

The Soaring eagle Zip line Ride is the newest design of zip line rides, and #12 in the entire world. It's the only zip line you ride BOTH ways and with a friend. This unique design straps one or two people in a seat. The current reverse setting is an amazing 22mph in the first 100'. It doesn't take your breath away, but it does surprise you. As you near the top of the 106' tower, yes I said 106', the ride slows to 3mph then 2mph then 1mph allowing you to take in the breath taking scenes of the park and well beyond. You think for a brief time your stopping, but think again! Wait, no time to think! Then the ride reverses and accelerates you to over 40mph in a 100' before peaking. Fast? Yes and it gets you there fast. As you near the start platform 700' from the top the computer automatically starts to slow you down to a safe and secure speed before you hit the braking zip stops.

This ride is one you'll want to ride over and over as every ride gives you a different view and different experience.
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